β€œShe crossed the brass threshold to seek respite from the gritty surround, forever the nomad through an ever-changing landscape of pace and change. An exhale, one of the first of the day, released as she walked through the dimly lit space towards the warm recognizable murmurs and laughter within...”

Dirty Precious is a casual cocktail bar in the heart of Gowanus. Living in New York, we work hard and we play hard. We like and deserve nice things. We also appreciate the simple moments. Dirty Precious gets that. We get that sometimes you want a perfectly executed cocktail, followed by a can of beer and a shot. We get that the person pouring your glass is as important as what goes into it. Also we like you. As long as you're not a dick.

About the name

The seeds for "Dirty Precious" were planted during a conversation across a bar. Years ago my business partner Shana (the designer of this beautiful spot) and I worked together at another great bar in Brooklyn. Shana as a cocktail server, myself as a bartender. Another friend/regular was sitting at the bar and he asked me what Shana's story was. Now as friends and coworkers are apt to do occasionally, Shana and I had been bickering a little that day. So I replied "She's cool, but she can be a little precious sometimes". To which he responded "Yes Pai, but you can be a little precious sometimes too" "Yeah, but I'm more dirty precious" "that's a great name for a band" "That's a great name for a BAR!" I went home that night and bought the domain name and now here we are.

- Katipai Richardson-Wilson

Life is short. Take big gulps.